Why You Need an Elevator at your Residence?

There was a time when the installation of elevators in the residence was either considered a luxury or a necessity for people with medical conditions. However, with the lowering price of elevators, people who want to improve their way of living are now commonly installing them in their homes as well. Many countries are even passing laws nowadays and making elevator installation mandatory in buildings with more than 3 stories.

On the whole, elevators can be quite useful and following are some of the reasons why you need one at your residence too.

Eases Transportation
Other than making the commute easier and more independent for people with disabilities or any other medical condition, residential elevators can also be useful for moving furniture, luggage and other household items that might be difficult to carry down or up the stairs. It also ensures that the item you are carrying will not be damaged because of mishandling of any sort and that the transporting process will not put your safety at risk.

Boosts Value of Your Property
A functional and modern elevator not only adds beauty to your home, but also increases its value in the market. As people are enhancing their quality of life, they are opting for elevators, and in the near future, people will prefer buying residences with elevators preinstalled in them, to save themselves from the time and money needed to installing it on their own. In this way, when you sell your house after a decade or two, its price will be far greater as compared to a house without an elevator.

According to a research, a 10% increase was observed in the value of a home just by installing an elevator in it. On the other hand, houses with multiple stories observed 50% increase in their market value after such an investment was made by the owners.

Ensures Safety
A number of accidents may occur when people try to carry heavy furniture or machinery via the stairs. Residential elevators offer better safety to everyone. It also saves you from circumstances where you may trip over or slip on the staircase. This particular consideration becomes even more vital with children and old aged people residing in the house; see this doc Lifts Standards and Guidelines.

Whether it’s an elderly, a disabled person, a pregnant woman, a child, or a person carrying heavy loads; elevators have all the safety features installed in them to guarantee secure commute from on floor to the other. These features include; slack chains, emergency light and alarm, cable safety device, battery backups, under-platform sensor, interlocks, doors integrated with interlocks, telephone system, emergency stop button, handrails, manual lowering devices, and many others.

Saves Time and Energy
In this fast paced world, buildings are becoming taller due to lack of land for building new projects, and people have lesser time on their hands. Elevators can speed up everyday tasks like climbing the stairs and enable you to put that same amount of energy and time on a more productive task and make your life simpler and easier.

Occupies less Space
The best thing about installing an elevator is that it will save you a lot of space as compared to a stairwell, and it is easy to accommodate it inside or outside the residence.

The advantages of adding an elevator to your space are numerous. From facilitating the elderly to moving about independently, to transporting kids’ strollers without hassle; an elevator is functional and beneficial for people of all ages.