Options For Refinishing Concrete Floors

If you have a garage, a retail outlet, a manufacturing facility, or any other kind of commercial premises that has a concrete floor that is badly in need of attention, then it is most likely time for you to start considering which concrete floor coatings might be an option in terms of fixing it.

It may also be the case that rather than fixing a concrete floor that is in a poor state of repair, you are remodelling the flooring, or even renovating an old building.

If the concrete floor you are working on is located in an older building it is possible that refinishing might be the answer. Another possibility is that the concrete floor you have is cracked, has a lot of bad stains, and you want to upgrade it in such a way that it complements the rest of the interior.

This often happens when a business updates its fixtures, fittings, or machinery along with other some renovation work, and the concrete floor ruins the aesthetics of it due to the staining or damage it has.

In these, and indeed other scenarios, the good news is that are several excellent concrete floor coatings options for you to choose from. Even better, concrete floor coatings are a solution to your concrete floor problems that need not cost a fortune, and can often transform a drab and dreary area, into something which is bright and a lot more pleasing on the eye.

If you have a concrete floor which needs to be upgraded with a new finish, here are some of the most effective coatings and refinishing options you can consider:


If your concrete floor is in relatively good condition, and in particular has no cracking, then you might consider painting it using concrete floor paint .to provide it with a new colour, and effectively give it a new lease of life

A concrete floor which has been painted can be left with no further coating if it is not likely to be subject to heavy use. However, if it is then giving it a further protective coat of urethane, for example, might be prudent.


Many think that polishing concrete is purely an exercise in creating a shine on it to improve its aesthetics. Whilst it can do that, polishing actually has a significant practical effect as it causes the molecules in the concrete to compact, thus making it harder and more durable.


For concrete floors that need extra protection against chemical spills and other liquids, epoxy concrete floor coatings are an ideal choice. The additional benefit of using epoxy is that it does not normally stain when substances like oil or grease are spilled onto them, and it is a concrete floor coating that can stand up to heavy loads, thus ideal for manufacturing and industrial buildings.


Coatings made from urethane can be used on a variety of concrete floors, including those which are untreated. It can also be used on concrete which has been polished, and even as a top layer over other concrete floor coatings in order to provide additional protection.

Diamond Coat

For those on a tight budget, diamond coat concrete floor coatings are an excellent and cost-effective way to provide a polished finish on a concrete floor. It is also a great coating to use if the activities which take place in that area cause a lot of liquid spillages, as unlike some coatings, diamond coat is not porous, and thus provides a complete seal.

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