7 Steps To Ensuring Your Kitchen Renovation Is A Success

Planning kitchen renovations is not something most people would do regularly unless they were employed as kitchen designers or cabinet makers. The fact that, on average, kitchens are only updated every 7 to 10 years suggests that most homeowners are happy to live with their current kitchen for some time, and thus the planning of a new one is a rare event in their lives.

The fact that it is rare means there is a risk that, unless a proven series of steps are followed during the process of planning a kitchen renovation, mistakes can be made. Those mistakes can lead to a kitchen that is unsuitable, unworkable, running well over budget or, worst of all, the renovation does not take place at all due to a series of irreversible mistakes along the way.

We are sure you do not want any of that to happen to you, especially if you are currently thinking about a kitchen renovation for your home. It is, therefore, we hope, going to be helpful if you start with a proven roadmap to get you from the initial idea to a completed kitchen, and it just so happens that what follows is such a roadmap with seven critical steps to a successful kitchen renovation.

Step #1 – Establish Your Budget: It might seem odd to some of you that this is first rather than designing the kitchen and then worrying about where the funds are coming from. However, it is infinitely easier and more logical to design kitchen renovations if you know what budget you are working to first and thus, this is what we recommend is established before anything else is.

Step #2 – Choose Professional Cabinet Makers And Kitchen Designers To Help You: Unless you are an expert in kitchen design yourself,  we strongly advise you to seek professional guidance from cabinet makers and kitchen design companies. You can discuss your wants and needs with them. They can create a design and produce a quotation so that you can choose what you believe is the best option for you.

Step #3 – Decide Upon A Layout: Before choosing colour schemes and cabinet types, you must first determine what the layout of your new kitchen is going to be so that you know how many cabinets you need. Ensure that there is easy access to everything in the plan, that you have sufficient countertop space, and that it makes sense in terms of convenience when you will be working in your kitchen.

Step #4 – Select Your Cabinets Based Upon Your Style Preferences And Storage Requirements: With the layout agreed it is now time to choose your cabinets and ensure that they meet your storage requirements. Your options are plentiful, given the range of materials that can be used and the finishes for cabinet exteriors. You must also decide if you want or need custom-built cabinets made by cabinet makers or are happy to settle for cabinets that have come off a production line.

Step #5 – Agree Upon Your Colour Scheme: Although your choice of cabinets may influence this, you still have plenty of scope regarding the colours that will appear in your renovated kitchen. This includes choosing the work surfaces, trimmings around the kitchen, window blinds, wall tiles, wallpaper, and even the splashbacks that can add colour to your kitchen.

Step #6 – Choose The Flooring For Your New Kitchen: Flooring is another element of kitchen renovations where there is no shortage of options, and thus decisions need to be made. These will relate to the type of flooring you want, the size of floor tiles, the material used, the colours, and the patterns, if applicable.

Step #7 – Select Your New Appliances: One aspect of kitchens that arguably provides the most choices is kitchen appliances and gadgets that should make your time in the kitchen an easier one. There are specific brands and products to choose from, but you may also need to decide between integrated or freestanding appliances based on the overall design of your new kitchen.

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