4 Advantages of Installing a Home Lift

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Many people these days enjoy living in a two or even three storey home. They have more room and can enjoy the view and the upper breezes. But one thing they may not enjoy so much is going up those stairs, especially when they are feeling tired. Home lifts are the obvious choice for homes with staircases.

There are many advantages of installing a home lift; here are 4 of them.

  1. Save carrying heavy weights upstairs – a home lift is a quick and easy way to access the upper storey/s of your home when you have heavy loads to carry up. Groceries, luggage, furniture and home accessories are all too heavy to cart up stairs. Furniture is often too large and awkward to get around the narrow stairs, especially if there is a landing and bend in the middle.
  2. Ease of use – lifts are much easier for older people to use. Anyone with arthritis or other health problems that make them weak will appreciate having a lift instead of using the stairs. Children can learn to use a lift at an early age and it can save them falling on the steps. Using a lift is quieter than those rattling footsteps on stairs that are not carpeted.
  3. Easier to clean vacuuming stairs is difficult at the best of times, and they seem to get dirty more often than the floor due to the concentration of traffic on them. A lift can be vacuumed in a few minutes compared to the stairs and it takes much less effort.
  4. Safety – it is much safer to use a lift than to use stairs, no matter whether you are young old, strong or weak. There is always the possibility of falling when coming down or even going up a staircase. In a lift, there is no likelihood of falling. You can even have a chair to sit on in the lift if you want to. When you are carrying a baby in your arms, or are pregnant, it is much safer to use a lift than to go up or down stairs.

Having a lift will enable you to stay in your home even when you  become frail with age. It will increase the value of your home and make it suitable for a wider demographic should you decide to sell for any reason. Thus, the house is likely to sell more quickly so you can get on with the rest of your life.  Once you have a lift installed you will not be able to believe the difference it makes in your life, being more convenient and pleasant to access those upper reaches.

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Who Needs a Home Lift?

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Most people who think of lifts, envisage them being in high-rise apartments or places like hospitals. However, these days it is becoming more usual to see home lifts in private homes. You may think that is only the frail elderly that would need to have a lift in their home, but in fact this is not so. When you think of the energy expended going up stairs and the difficulty of taking goods up and down you will soon realise that having a lift in the home is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Middle Aged

Very often, the ground floor of the home is used for the garage and outdoor living accessories. That means you need to carry all your groceries and every single thing you need in the home up the stairs. Hauling all your groceries out of the boot of your car is bad enough; carting them up steps and stairs is worse still, especially when you are already tired from a day at work. So you don’t have to be elderly to make good use of a lift.

The Elderly

Of course, the elderly will certainly benefit from a lift in their home. They are the ones who are most likely to stumble and fall on stairs. Such a fall could easily break multiple bones and they may never recover. It is a shame to see their life ended prematurely all for want of a simple lift to help them up and down the stairs. Older people will be able to stay independently in their homes for much longer when they have the aids they need to make life easier for them. And if they need to use a walker, it is much easier and safer for them to use a lift than to try and get that walker up the stairs or down.

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