Premium Security Doors vs. Old Style Grille Doors

Door frame cross section

These days more than ever, security doors are essential to keep our homes and loved ones safe. Since most thieves try to enter by the door first and foremost, this is the most important place to ensure security. This is usually accomplished by adding a screen security door, but are these as strong as they look? Unfortunately, many of the old style grille doors are not and here is why.

Main Points of Weakness

There are three main points of weakness in a security door; the place where the mesh joins the framed edge, the screws that hold it all together and the hinges. Even though the lock may be strong, if the hinges are weak anyone can easily remove the door on that side to enter the home. In addition, in some of the older style doors the actual mesh could be cut rather easily, so they don’t really do a good job of providing security at all.

The Kick Test

Many of the old style security doors used wedges to join the mesh to the frame. One good kick and these will pop out, allowing the mesh to be easily removed. Premium security doors have screws instead of wedges. The screws go right through the mesh into the other side of the frame, making it kick-resistant. The screws are specially made to fit the mesh and clamp it into place, deep within the frame.  No amount of kicking or pulling will remove the mesh from the frame using this kind of technology. In fact, such doors meet or exceed all the Australian Standards that are now in place for security doors.

Mesh Strength

The strength of the mesh is another important factor in providing good security. Old style doors had mesh that could actually be cut with a sharp knife. Premium doors use new technology to make mesh that can withstand such objects. In addition, they have the horizontal mesh – that takes the most punishment in an attack – over 26% thicker than the old style mesh. And because it  is tensile stainless steel mesh, it is not going to rust out like the mesh in many of the older style doors did. It passes the Shear Test, the Knife Test and the Pull Test to mention just a few. You can be sure that any burglar is likely to give up in despair before ever getting into your home when you install premium security doors.

The Screws

The screws used in premium security doors are not just ordinary strong screws. They are actually tamper resistant screws. So anyone that tries to unscrew them will find it just does not work. This is because the head is different from other screws. You need a special socket to undo them and only certain people are allowed to purchase them; unauthorised people are not likely to have such a socket.

Naturally, there is a cost to installing the best security doors, but after all, what price can you put on your own health and safety, and that of your loved ones? In addition, many insurance companies will not pay out in the case of a robbery if the security door was obviously ineffective or old. Having the best security will certainly give you peace of mind and help you to enjoy your life.

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