Choosing a Fence to Suit Your Home

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Choosing a fence to suit your home is not difficult; it just requires a little forethought to ensure  you get the best kind of fence for your needs. And of course, you have to make sure it is of the type that has council approval. Once that is settled you can go ahead and choose from the options that will suit you and your lifestyle. Here are some things to think about to guide you in choosing the best fence for your needs.

Keep Children In and Intruders Out
What is your reason for getting a fence? Is it to keep pets or children in, or to keep intruders out – or both? Many people do not feel the need to keep other people out with their fence; they rely on their security door to do that. However, if you have little children you will need to keep them contained so they don’t wander away. Having a fence you can trust to keep them in will allow them to play outside without you having to watch them every minute – at least, once they get old enough not to fall over.

A fence to keep children safe may also need to be one that keeps intruders out, especially if your home fronts a busy street. It may need to be one that an adult cannot climb over. However, if you feel that would be unattractive, consider having two kinds of fence; one for the backyard where the children will play and one for the front that will look more attractive.

Does it Suit Your Home Design?
Certain homes suit certain types of fencing. A picket fence done with timber palings and painted white will suit Federation style homes and many other older styles of homes. You can also have a picket style fence done with steel posts that have fancy tops that make it difficult or impossible for anyone to climb over. More modern homes will look fine with Colorbond fencing or even steel mesh.

Remember that the height of nearly any kind of fencing can be adjusted to make it more secure as far as intruders go. And for that matter, as far as little children who are climbers go. Some children can seem to climb anything, but if you have spikes along the top it will certainly prevent them from climbing over and down the other side. But remember not to grow shrubs close by that may give them a toe up.

Increase Your Fencing Options
There are many variations when it comes to fences and you can even design your own fence, one that utilises several elements. Timber slats fitted into cement posts can look effective, form a windbreak and offer privacy all at the same time. Fencing can be elegant or casual, low or high maintenance, durable or not so durable. The right fence can reduce noise, offer safety from intruders and help keep cars from smashing into your home. So it is well worth spending a little time on choosing a fence to suit your needs.

It is also essential to have it built by a professional tradesman to ensure it is as strong as you need it to be. A fence is an important component of your home and performs several important functions, so it should be erected with care and professionalism.