Your Electrical Appliances

Electrical Appliances

Life has been made so easy for us these days. It all started with that guy Edison turning on the lights in New York city about 135 years ago. We suddenly had electricity and that was the beginning of the end of the dark ages – literally. That was also the beginning of the technicians that learnt and worked with electricity – electricians. It’s all very well having great technical advances but almost everything is run by electricity and when stuff goes wrong, we need expert help to get things fixed.

Vacuum Cleaner
It all started with the foot in the door salesman spilling a heap of trash on your carpet, then turning on the cleaner, which sounded like an old Boeing 707 starting its jets, and then sucking up all the spilled mess like magic. Now, we have Lux Living robot vacuums which not only clean your floors automatically but are a source of great enjoyment for cats to ride on and get filmed for YouTube. Regardless of the style and fancy attachments, when it stops, call an electrician.

Gone are the days of cutting firewood, lighting the fire in the stove, and cooking your food. Keeping the home fires burning made sure you had hot water and a hot house, even in the midst of summer. Now, you open your microwave, adjust your settings and you can reheat leftovers, cook a whole chicken, and explode eggs, popcorn and small animals, if that’s your thing! When the microwaves stop waving – call an electrician.

This appliance goes hand in hand with the best thing since sliced bread! We still use a forked stick poked into a piece of bread hung over a campfire when we are ‘roughing it’, but at home, we place the sliced bread into the slots, push the lever down and Voila! We get toast. When the bread gets stuck you put a knife in the openings and try to lever it out. Bang! Call an electrician –  if you’re still alive.

We tend to think of our room lighting as something that has been there since, well…forever. One day you flick the switch on the wall, a spark flies out of the switch assembly, there is a huge Pop! and you are in darkness. Is it the fuse box? Has the breaker broken? Has the globe filament exploded? Where did you put the torch? Where are the emergency candles? Just don’t bother using the room at night time and – call an electrician.

Sparkies of the Future
We all have homes that are powered by electricity. Where that power comes from depends on your vision and your finances. If you can afford renewable free energy, such as you get from the sun via solar cells, or whether you erect a windmill that generates power, it seems we cannot live without electricity. Electric cars, planes, boats and motorcycles are the reality. Lithium-ion batteries are the new generators. What does all this tell us? Become an electrician – it will be a never-ending form of employment!