These days so many homes have pools, not just for the look of things, although that is often a factor. But pools actually keep the children at home having fun where they are safe and can more easily be supervised by a parent, rather than at the beach where they can sometimes get lost in the crowd. And there are no stinging jellyfish in your home pool.

The Shape of Things to Come
These days’ pools don’t have to be rectangular. It is the latest trend to have your pool customised to suit your block of land and your home. They can be any kind of shape and size from a square to a triangle or an octagon. And they don’t have to be down in the backyard any more. In fact, it is better for the pool to be closer to the home so that you can keep an eye on the kids more easily. Being able to dive in from the deck is brilliant, but you still need to have that safety fence, especially if the children are toddlers. In fact, most councils have strict regulations concerning pool fencing and gates.

The Latest in Pool Fences
So when thinking of the latest in pools, we also have to think about the latest in pool fencing and this is cool because clear glass panels are amazing. They allow the pool to be safely enclosed while still maintaining visibility. You can see right through the glass panels even if you are on an angle to the fence. With most other kinds of fencing there is always that blind spot that means you can’t always see what the kids are up to. Having a glass pool fence is like having a glass shower stall. Because the glass is transparent it makes the room look larger. So your backyard will not appear to be cut in two, or appear smaller than it is.

How to Swim Indoors
Another wonderful trends in pools is the indoor pool. How convenient when you don’t even have to leave the house to have that refreshing swim. There is no chance of getting sunburned or having a glare headache from the sun reflecting on the water. You won’t have to erect a shade sail or spend hours getting leaves out of the pool. It won’t matter if a storm or nasty wind blows up because you will be safe in the house. And it certainly won’t matter if you leave the pool furniture such as the deckchair and cushions exactly where you put them overnight. No sudden shower or morning dew can make them go mouldy.

Indoors and Out
Another delightful trend for pools is to have an indoor/outdoor pool. The room your indoor pool is in simply has an extension into the outdoors or the deck where the pool can continue to swirl and sparkle. It is great fun to swim inside one minute and out the next. If you feel a bit cool, swim into the outdoor section and let the sun warm you. Getting too hot or windy? Swim back indoors. This must be the ultimate in pools. Naturally enough, the room that the pool is in must have secure doors that can be locked so that children cannot fall into the pool. But once the safety issues are taken care of, you will have a great deal of fun.

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