Spectacular Bathroom Basin

Bathroom Basin

These days, with a greater emphasis on personal grooming than there may have been in the past – we are spending increasing amounts of time in the bathroom. Homeowners usually don’t need too much persuading that they should give some thought to decorating their bathroom, but the questions that then arise are ‘how?’ or ‘what bathroom decorating themes should I employ?’ and will I need a plumber?

Modern (Contemporary) Bathroom Décor
Contemporary bathroom décor is best characterized by its clean lines and gleaming surfaces. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that this type of décor is more commonly found in your modern urban apartments. Stainless steel fixtures such as –
• basins
mirrored cabinets
• bathrooms
• shower walls
• taps

All feature heavily in contemporary bathroom decor and are available in a wide variety of shapes. Glass and ceramic fixtures are also very popular these days. Lighting also plays an important part in the bathroom with fixtures ranging from simple to funky and available in all colors, shapes and styles.

Bathroom Makeovers
There are so many DIY shows on TV that you could probably watch them almost 24/7. Some of the transformations of rooms, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, are wondrous to watch. Even on these shows, fiddling with the plumbing is left to a licensed plumber. Repositioning and replacement of taps and piping require a licence. Not only that but plumbing tools are expensive, and the know-how, tricks of the trade, are not something you pick up while doing a home project.

The Basin
The trend for bathrooms is the stand out piece – the basin. We have progressed from those stand-alone white ceramic style basins to the newest fashion of glass motif. And you know what? They look absolutely stunning. It’s the sort of thing you want your guests to see. Along with the “Ooh’s” and “Aah’s” will be the question: Where did you buy that?
If the question is: Did you fit it yourself? The answer should be a resounding “No! Can’t you see it’s still in one piece?”

There is one particular style, Australian made, created by Omvivo that will draw you to the bathroom a few extra times a day. That’s not a bad thing, right? The glass basin has been set inside a white bowl and the bottom has some patterns etched into it. That means when the light hits the glass, you get a kaleidoscope of colours rippling over the countertop surface below. This effect is enhanced when water is added to the artistic mix. Washing your hands has become more of an aquatic experience than an act of cleanliness!

Is it okay to just stand at the sink, turn on the tap and watch the show? If a hefty water bill and being labelled a little loony doesn’t faze you, then go for it. There are three patterned effects made – Forest, Pebble and the aptly named Kaleidoscope. They have also added basin designs in natural stone, corian to satine, and glass.

Ensure when working with a glass basin that you hire a professional to handle the installation for you. Having a licensed plumber carry out the installation, reduces the risk of damage, and in the event of an accident, you know that they will be responsible for the replacement.