Why Patios are So Suitable for Outdoor Fun in Perth

When it comes to patios, Perth residents really appreciate having the chance to enjoy some time outdoors with shelter and shade when necessary.  Perth is in an area of Australia that experiences hot, dry summers and cooler winters. But those cool winters are nothing like many other areas; no snow and little in the way of biting cold wind.

So patios make the ideal way to extend the floor space of their homes and enjoy an outdoor room during the day or evening. The main reason for shelter in Perth is the heat of the sun, which is why many patios come with insulated roofing. Even if there is only one wall, that type of roof acts like a dense, green tree; it keeps the shade underneath pleasantly cool, even on hot days.

Like many areas, Perth gets its share of wind, both hot and cold. So if you are considering adding another wall to the patio to block the cold wind, make sure you don’t also block that cool, refreshing breeze coming in from the ocean in the summer. Then it will be the ideal place to cool off in the late afternoons. Once the patio is installed, think about the best way to furnish it to suit your lifestyle.

Many people add a fireplace to the patio so they can use it even in the winter months. In Perth, a fan would probably be a better option. A comfortable outdoor sofa, a colourful rug underfoot and a table will certainly help to make the area suitable for alfresco meals and leisure time relaxation.

You could even have a cupboard or bench space there to facilitate storage and any last minute meal preparation you may want to do. You could use it to house a spare drinks fridge or freezer for use over Christmas or when the family come to visit.

Having a patio unleashes a whole bunch of interesting options for use and decoration. You could set it up Balinese style complete with those long flags that many people like. Or you could keep it more Aussie-style with cane chairs or a rocking chair, small table, an esky for cold drinks and some pot plants for those who can’t do without their greenery.  You could even add a trellis to one side and grow a shady vine up it.

If you have a swimming pool, a patio installed somewhere in the vicinity would provide a cool place to set up the deck chairs to relax in while you watch over the children in the pool. There are so many uses for a patio that it may be difficult to decide just what you want to do with yours. You may even need to get two of them.

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