Modern or Traditional Kitchen

Your kitchen style says a lot about your own. Kitchen is the most important and sought after area of the house, few would argue against that. Whether you’re a foodie or on crash diets, the kitchen is a family space for all. With the strong aroma of delicious food and airy windows for sunlight while you read the morning paper, this area of the house defines the entire ambience of the house and the style speaks volumes about that of the residents. There are several factors to be kept in consideration while planning to go for either of the options, such as:

  • The personal taste has a lot to do with the style of kitchen one would choose. Some may want a comfortable granny like look while some may go for bright hues and sharp edgy style.
  • An approximation of the period one expects to live in the same property plays a vital role in selecting kitchen styles as well.
  • The budget is another key factor when looking for kitchen design ideas and selection is done accordingly.
  • The dominant style of the house has to be matched with the kitchen style, and if the other interiors are already in line with that style, the kitchen needs to be adjusted according to the overall aura.

Research and exploration is done before deciding on the interior style to choose from, but generally, the decision centers on personal preferences and ideas.

Traditional Kitchen
Traditional kitchens are more into comfort, grandeur and spaciousness. A lot of wooden work and kitchen furniture items, coordinated with soft shades and neutral colors of paint, are present. The classic stains and colors hold a certain timeless appeal; the vintage look is often appreciated by many individuals. Natural materials are used in abundance and windows are carefully planned for airiness.

Cream and soft shades of grey are common choices among traditional kitchen styles. The stove is usually the centre piece and all accessories seem to be revolving around it. Abundant cupboard space is given so to store large amounts of utensils and those cupboards are also used for food storage.  The handles of cabinets and cupboards could be looked at for beautiful designs and over all these kitchens are examples of detailed craftsmanship. Lightning is an important focus, chandeliers are lit up in the middle or at the kitchen island to provide good amount of light. Traditional kitchens are almost always in style.

Modern Kitchens
Speak your mind with these out of the box designs and sleek look of kitchens. Practicality and creativity are fused into these kitchens with a fine touch of sophistication and designer labels. A modern kitchen is simple but effective and has a style and color theme according to the overall design and color patterns of the house. Equipped with modern appliances and gadgets, these kitchens often don’t have wood finish. All the space is utilized using modern approach and not much empty space or shelves is seen. Bright colors as well as toned down hues are present in modern kitchen and experiments are always adjusted.

Both kitchen styles have their own unique persona. Choose one that you find better fits your taste and the grandeur of your beautiful house.

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