How to Make Use of Recycled Materials for Landscaping

Landscaping, adds to the outer appeal of your house. However, a lot of people do not like making expensive investments on their house’s exterior after having spent a large sum on a new house.

Luckily, there are many options available for people who want to indulge in landscaping or green living without excessive costs. One of these methods is the use of recycled materials for landscaping without compromising on the exterior of the house. Recycling is also a way to reduce waste, so in a way, you are not only saving your money, but also reducing the waste you produce.

You can achieve a striking garden by utilizing even the simplest of recyclable material. These materials are of three different kinds, which include; salvaged items, garden refuse, and recycled content. Below are a few of the items that are recycled for landscaping purposes.

Broken Dishware
We all have broken a dish or two occasionally, and then have thrown them away no matter how beautiful they were, but now, you can use them in your recycled landscaping project. The broken pieces of dishware can be used as little decorative pieces. You can shape them in any texture you like and paint them with the color of your choice.

To create a new garden, cover it with any old carpet for some weeks and you will notice corrosion of the grass under the carpet, which will ease the digging process. You can also create lanes with the help of a woven carpet and then add stones over it.

Stacks of Newspaper
A bag made from newspaper can be used for hanging plants; whereas the newspaper itself can be used to block weeds in the yard. From hanging plants, soil is stored in a tightly closed bag in which an X is made to slide the plant inside. For strong growth of the roots, the bag is kept flat initially, and later, it can be hanged.

Plastic Containers
This comes in the category of recycled content and different containers can be used for protecting young plants from cold weather at night. However, they should be removed in the day time to prevent plants from overheating. Empty plastic bottles can also be cut, overturned and utilized as funnels or to make a bird feeder.

Stones, pebbles and rocks are commonly used for creating boundaries for landscaping; however, there are different ways to use rocks to enhance your yard. One of the methods includes digging a furrow and filling it with stones and pebbles. It not only beautifies the landscape and gives it a contemporary look, but also hinders the growth of weeds, which works in your favor.

These are pieces of concrete which are usually found on construction sides. They can be utilized in making patios, raised beds, and benches. They can also be used in forming the edges of pathways.

Making use of recycled materials is an art that will make your yard remarkably beautiful without spending a lot of money. Adding a green initiative to your house, this strategy will be beneficial for you in more than one ways.

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