Get the Best out of Your Lawn

After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like retreating to your garden to get the stress out and relax. Your garden, be it the turf in your front lawn or in your backyard with plants and flowers, is more than just a feature that enhances your property. Your green space, your creation, is part of your character and it can have a number of different functions, depending on your lifestyle.

You can transform the whole yard into a great, enjoyable living space. Apply a bit of creativity and a few resources and you will have an exciting as well as relaxing place to spend your downtime.

Here’s a few tips that might help:

Tip #1: What do you want from your lawn?
It doesn’t matter whether you are redesigning an existing area or starting from scratch, what is your overall plan? Do you want some water elements, as they will add energy and peaceful sounds? How about a porch or a patio where you can sit and look at your view? You might love flowers, so flower beds will be the go. Vegetables? Everybody loves growing their own vegies. A herb garden?

The design is up to you. You have to make it work, so don’t do a half-hearted job or make it so the garden needs more maintenance than you have time to spare.

Tip #2: Speaking of maintenance…
It’s not a project that ends when the fat lady sings. Keeping your garden in tip top condition is an ongoing labour of love. Keeping your lawn healthy and your plants looking as though they belong in a flower shop is all about maintaining, watering and positioning – sunlight and shade. Make sure you have put down the right type of turf that grows best where you live.

Tip #3: The best additional elements
Keep your garden and lawn looking as good as possible by adding lighting in various spots to highlight specific features. Comfortable outdoor furniture is a great element to add. It means you and friends can sit outside and enjoy the garden. In the winter, you might have a fire pit. For all weather, particularly summer, set aside an area in which you have installed a BBQ.

Tip #4: Investing in lawn care services.
There might be a couple of things you cannot do such as soil testing. It’s a good idea to have your soil tested to see what nutrients it might need to support the roll-on awn and your selection of favourite plants. Before you start planting, get the advice of a professional landscaper, or even your gardening store. They will be able to tell you the right fertiliser to use. If you are getting the turf company to lay your lawn, make sure they are a reputable firm with lots of experience and good reviews.

Your garden is a special area if you make it that way. Enjoy the fruits of your labour by making sure it’s a place in which you can relax, stress out, and share with friends.

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