How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Needs

There is a lot to consider when purchasing outdoor furniture and to get the most suitable, everything should be taken into account. Things such as your usual weather, if you will want to move the furniture around, if it is to be placed close to a pool and what kind of surface there will be under it are all important. It is a decision that should not be made in haste if you want it to be the best for your lifestyle and climate.

However, there is another important factor and that is comfort. If the furniture is not comfortable you will not want to bother using your outdoor haven no matter how balmy the weather is. So your comfort level should be assessed and taken into account before making the final decision. How? Here are some tips.

  • Think about what chair you find most comfortable to sit in when inside. Is it a lounge chair or dining chair; a bean bag or a bench seat?
  • Do you like to have a soft or firm backrest – or none at all?
  • Do you have a bad back or an injury that needs support when you sit?
  • Do you like to have your upper legs supported as well as your seat?
  • Are armrests essential or don’t you care one way or the other?
  • Is your idea of relaxation putting your feet and legs up, or do you prefer to keep your feet on the ground?
  • Do you love to gather around a big table with your family and friends, or would you prefer to have the chairs spread out with some side tables for when you need them?

Some outdoor settings have bench seats with no backs, but these can be really hard to sit on for people with a bad back, or older people who need a higher level of comfort.

Once you’ve given due considerations to these points, go into an outdoor furniture store and actually sit in chairs they have to see how they feel to you. Sit in lounge chairs as well as dining chairs. See whether they support your back properly. Some seem to put additional pressure on the tailbone or coccyx area. Others don’t support your legs in the proper way so you tend to slide down them.

Since your outdoor space is meant to relax in and relieve your stress, it’s important to have comfortable furniture. But don’t forget that the climate is also a factor in comfort so if you have lots of hot, sunny days make sure your furniture is placed in a shady area.  Adding a shade sail or some kind of roof can make enjoying your outdoor time even easier.

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