Blinds and Shades for Homes

The work space needs ample lightening, and so does your home, but in order to moderate the searing sunlight and create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for your office or home interiors, blinds are a great option to go for. A wide range of options is available to beautify your humble abode or sophisticated workplace; blinds are also a great option for home based offices as they differentiate the ambiance from that of a house. Pleated sheets, while being the widely used style of sheets used in offices and houses, have other competitors too.

1. Wooden Blinds

Wood works never go out of fashion, not even in blinds for your home or workplace. There is a wide variety of styles when it comes to wooden blinds, from maple to bamboo and more, depending on the produce and prices in area. The wooden blinds look amazing if the furniture is traditional in style and flooring is wooden too and surprisingly it doesn’t look like ‘nauseatingly woody’.  The workplace looks rather elegant and warm with wooden blinds and gives a classy look to the entire ambience with rich wooden office furniture.

2. Sheer Blinds
To hide or not to hide! This style of blinds is a horizontal design with sheer cloth that does not block the entire view but creates a translucent version of it. These shades are good for the areas where the light is needed but privacy has to be kept in mind too, such as bathrooms and kitchens. In case of internal glass partitions in offices, these sheer blinds work well too.

3. Vertical Blinds
The vertical blinds are often seen hung on patio doors but are not limited there. This is one of the most common styles of blinds for home and offices as this allows necessary sunlight to sift through. Also, the vertical blinds are easy to manage as they don’t tangle and very easy to clean frequently.

4. Alternative Vertical Blinds
Similar to vertical blinds, but these are seamless, so there is no room in between the slats and it works well in those areas of offices and houses where greater control of light is required. The vertical blind alternatives come in broad or thinner slats but usually the slats are broad as they overlap each other.

5. Roller Shades
The roller shades are also known as solar shades as they protect the living room or area wherever they’re installed, from harmful UV rays. For open spaces, this option provides excellent light dimming option since they roll up without needing a rope. Some roller blinds are also vertical instead of up and down they roll sideways.

6. Aluminum Blinds
These blinds have a metallic look and are often the preferred choice for offices. They give the interiors a sleek look with their design and shine. Aluminum blinds are durable and work well with many styles of furniture and paint colors. These blinds also greatly control light exposure and accentuates the lights inside the room/ office.

7. Roman Shades
Roman shades give a rich look to interiors be it in office or house. This style of shades comes in a wide variety of colors to pick from so they go well with type of interior decoration. Roman shades are made of cloth that easily smoothes out when moved down.  Some of the cloth styles used for these shades are easy to wash in washing machines too.

It gets confusing with various choices for home and office blinds, but the effort is worth the elegant and graceful look they give to your office or home interiors.

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