Benefits of an Office Garden

Office gardens! That sounds green. Who said you need to wait for retirement to enjoy the gardening sessions and aesthetics plants offer? Offices can have gardens too, in the front yard or rooftop, depending on the space available!

As with the practices of corporate social responsibility, companies are increasingly going green inside the office premises too. Firms are realizing the advantages of converting some area of office space into natural space with greenery and beautifully designed landscaping that not only capture the attention of the visitors but also keeps the environment fresh and energetic. They’re often known as Corporate Gardens and are a growing trend nowadays regardless of what the organization has as a business offering.

There are numerous benefits of a garden in office space where employees have access, such as:

1. Teamwork and problem solving
The corporate gardens possess nature’s rejuvenating qualities that inculcate optimism in humans. The greenery allows the brains of employees to relax and focus better on the tasks at hand. Teamwork and problem solving skills are enhanced with healthy brain activity and engagement in gardening tasks in spare time. This allows them to focus on the pressing issues at work and fosters better problem solving.

2. Meditation
No time for yoga after work? Not an issue at all with your corporate garden. These gardens are naturally engaging and some amount of manageable exercise in these gardens help release endorphins that are the stress buster hormones. Meditation is an essential tool to relieve oneself of all the worries and ruminations, and provided a chance at the workplace, your employees are more likely to stick with your organization for long.

3. Organic Produce
Be it at the rooftop or anywhere else, the local produce of plants and (if any) edible items are a treat for the employees.  The fragrant flowers create an ambience of soothing goodness and positivity and the cherry trees could be what some fruit lovers would jump at. Organizations that are catering to the market with products such as food items can grow organic edible items in office gardens and provide the clients with a gift pack of fresh produce at meetings and seminars.

4. Wellness and satisfaction
The feel of natural soil and fresh air in the office garden gives a calm easiness which makes its way to the work desks. A harmonious workplace with a sound culture, moral values and heightened productivity is what’s witnessed as a result of corporate gardens. A loyal workforce is formed which retreats together in the garden and make the most of the positivity around them. A low level of absenteeism and reduced turnover rate is also observed in workplaces with gardens where employees have an access.

5. Healthy Atmosphere
A garden anywhere is a benefit to health in its surroundings.  Corporate gardens are a low cost strategy to provide employees with the health benefits of fresh air and greenery. Overall health and wellbeing is greatly affected with the environment and reaping the benefits of garden, employees can enjoy pollution free air and aesthetically appealing sight every day.

Office gardens are a great source of positive energy and enthusiasm for the employees and employers both. They also provide free space for break hours so employees could relax and recharge their nerves for better productivity at work.

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