8 Tips for Economically Renovated Kitchens

Hiring a professional for kitchen renovation typically leads to one having to stretch their budget, but did the kitchen need a new look at all in the first place?

Kitchens do not need to be broken down into pieces to form a new one when you’re not investing that much capital in them. Going economical asks for ideas to renovate the most important part of the house with relative ease.  Be your own designer of your kitchen renovation and revamp the look of your kitchen to give it a boost of energy and you more enthusiasm to chop on.

1. Clean it All
You don’t need a kitchen designer to do that anyway. Grab the right tools and start sweeping the floor and cleaning the entire kitchen, the first and foremost step in kitchen renovation.  It requires only a few tools and surface cleaners to give a fresh look to your kitchen. Dust off the ceiling fans and exhaust fan, remove grease if any. Cabinet interior and exterior could be wiped for a clean look inside out. Scrubbing floors and hidden corners makes your kitchen shine out in the end combined with other efforts. It’s better to dismantle light fixtures and give them a fresh look if they’re intact and there isn’t a dire need to change them.

2. Paint Around
Play with colors in your kitchen. If the walls need a fresh coat of paint and the cabinets are just shabby looking from outside, they could be renovated with a fresh paint and some bright colors to light up the place. The colors should be in contrast with the woodwork and the size of kitchen with other considerations.

3. Cabinets into Shelves
Turn the boring cabinets into shelves by removing the doors which have been broken or damaged and fill out for any void before painting them into new shelves. It is an easy to manage style and gives a good display of your crockery collection. If removal of cabinet doors makes them look too bland, you could always embellish them with wallpapers in background and glass doors.

4. Change the Faucet and Sink
With a large number of variety and styles available in faucets and sinks, you’d be amazed how choosing one for your kitchen gives the distinct modernized we’ve all been aiming for. The sink could also be replaced by a bowl and the fruits to be washed would look like fruits on display.

5. Cabinet Knobs and Handles
The cabinet handles and knobs are available in various cost effective options and you could choose what fits your budget. The unique and different in color handles and knobs, revamp the look of kitchen cabinets and drawers.

6. Splurge on Appliances
If this is the only update in your kitchen, there’s no harm in spending your renovation budget on new appliances for they completely change the look of an old outdated kitchen into a new one. If the appliances are working well, they could be professionally repainted, which doesn’t cost much.

7. Counter top Additions
Changing the counter-tops would be an expensive choice. Instead, add the tiny details after cleaning that accentuate the look of your counter tops. Adding decoration item in the middle of the kitchen island or decorating the usual cutlery items in a fashionable manner can give a new look to the counter-tops. The counter-top could also be done in natural stone like polish.

8. Light up the Place
Lighting plays a key role when in kitchen just like any other area of the house. Changing lighting and fixtures gives a different glow to the kitchen and makes it look more comfortable.

Kitchen renovation could be easily done in few simple steps if you’re not planning yet to go for a major renovation. Economical renovation tips can also be topped with DIY projects and rugs. Let the creativity flourish for a new look to your kitchen.

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