5 Things to Do Before Moving

Moving to new business premises can be a stressful process, and it’s one that takes far more planning than a standard house move. You often have to factor in the needs of several different staff members, plan the new floor area, and then pack up hundreds of items. This is all before the removalists even arrive! Because it’s such a hectic time, it’s no surprise that very few businesses actively choose to move if they can avoid it.

However, if the time has come to relocate your business to smaller or larger premises, there are several things you and your staff must do to make the process go as smoothly as possible. If you can avoid letting your stress levels peak, there’s every reason to do so. We’ve outlined five top moving tips to do before moving offices below.

  1. Have a clear-out

Every office has a room that no one uses or even enters. It’s that room filled with odds and ends, outdated software, old fax machines, filing cabinets, and broken chairs. It’s a dark and dingy space with floppy discs lining the shelves, and a flickering light that makes it seem all a bit spooky. While you avoid that place, except to discard your broken furniture, it’s now time to clear it out.

Have all heads of departments take a walk through their own areas to determine what needs to be thrown out, and what can be sold before the removalists arrive. Anything not of use to anyone both in your current premises and your new one can be discarded. By removing all the unnecessary clutter, you’re saving time and money with your removalist company, while also ensuring you go into your new premises with a clean slate.

  1. Communicate

Whether you’ve got ten staff or 100, it’s crucial that you communicate your moving plans to your team before the removalists arrive. They need to be told what to do with their personal possessions, when the removalists will be arriving, and what the plan is for moving into the new building. However, you need to do more than just tell your staff what is happening; you also have to listen.

Many people are frightened of change, and your staff can be no exception. Take the time to walk around the building and ask if anyone has any questions or concerns about the upcoming relocation. You may just find you’re able to alleviate worries that people didn’t feel comfortable to voice before.

  1. Know your floorplan

At your current business premises, everyone knows where everything is, and all staff has their set workstations. When a removalist takes all furniture and possessions to a new location, no one knows where they are meant to be. It’s helpful for both managers and staff to have an idea of where everyone will be stationed in their new building. Take a floorplan of your current building and compare it to the new one. Then, sketch out the same departments into the new floorplan to ensure all staff has a fair understanding of what the new building floorplan is going to mean for them.

  1. Label everything well

Most removalists are professionals when it comes to accurately boxing and packing your office furniture and goods. However, it’s a good idea to have your staff involved in the process as much as possible. Have them pack up their own individual spaces, clearly labelling each box with their name and department. By doing so, you’re able to find which possessions belong to who in your new space.

  1. Plan your move for a weekend

To ensure your staff’s workload is not going to be affected by the move, plan it for a weekend. Removalist companies understand the need to decrease downtime as much as possible and are well-versed in relocating your office furniture to your new premises while the business is closed. Not only is this more convenient for your customers, but it can reduce the stress levels of your team who are most likely already feeling the pressure of keeping on top of their tasks.

Moving offices is a stressful time, but your stress levels can be reduced merely by taking the time to plan ahead. Enlist the help of a professional removalist, and ensure your staff is organised and understand what is required of them.

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