4 Important Components of Interior Design

When it comes to a high end hotel, getting the interior design right is all important. Without it, your hotel will not be what your guests rightfully expect, even if the food and service is amazing. A great deal of pleasure in life comes from what we see around us, so if that experience is lacking in a hotel, the guests will not be as impressed as they should be. In fact, they will be seriously underwhelmed.

There are 4 main components of fitting out a hotel or any building: –

  1. Fixtures and fittings -includes lights, door knobs, taps and other bathroom fixtures
  2. The furniture – beds, tables, sofas, easy chairs
  3. Soft furnishings – bedding, linen, pillows, cushions, drapes, carpets
  4. The accessories – decorative items such as mirrors, artwork, vases, sculptures, chandeliers, lamps.

Each and every part of these things should be of the very best quality, but they should also be chosen to complement and in some cases, contrast, with the overall decor and style.  This is where an experienced interior decorator will be needed. They have the training and experience to know what goes with what and how it should all be set up to make the most of the space.

Placement is almost as important as the item to be placed.  When things are placed in just the right spot everything integrates as a whole and the room is harmonious. For instance, guests will be comfortable and have everything they need to hand, while being able to enjoy the view through a picture window or from the balcony.

The colours of all the components should also make up a harmonious whole, with contrast making a welcome visual attraction without being obtrusive. And of course it should all harmonise with the wall colours, drapes and floor treatment, whether that is carpet, polished timber or another material. Being trendy doesn’t hurt either, with the addition of technology and those things that make the business guest’s experience perfect.
The same high quality should also be found in the accessories, especially the artwork, framing included. While prints are okay, it is far better to have originals if possible.  These need not depict famous names so long as the artwork is top quality and even a little unusual. For instance, there could be black and white prints depicting patterns of nature found in leafy trees, bare branches, clouds or rocks and framed in silver or black, great for contemporary decor.

Once the decor is distinctive and offers guests a luxurious and even innovative experience, with the addition of amazing service and terrific food, the hotel will never be without patrons, who come there often because their experience is always enjoyable in every way.

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