4 Different Types of Home Fencing

Fencing is an important part of any home, not only to keep people out, but to keep them safely in, especially children – and pets. It serves to define the space that is yours and can add a great deal to the look of your home when the right kind is chosen.

There are many different kinds of fences that can be used, but before you make a decision, it is wise to find out just what your council will allow as there may be restrictions in some areas.

Here are 4 different kinds of fencing, along with the pros and cons of each.

  • Steel or Colorbond fencing. This is the choice of many homeowners these days because it offers privacy. This is especially so where homes are close together; you don’t want everything you do and say to be open to the neighbours.  It offers the best privacy – but  at the cost of a view. It can be a good windbreak for delicate flowers in the garden and also creates a small amount of shade; important in hot areas. Colorbond comes in several different colours and does not need to be painted. It is durable and strong and may even keep your dog from barking at the neighbour.

  • Wire mesh fencing. Wire mesh is a viable option for fencing in many places. It is relatively cheap, durable and needs no painting, so it is easy to maintain. Since it is easy to see through, it does not offer any privacy and it is relatively easy to climb up and over, something to think about if your toddlers are climbers. Wire mesh is not so likely to be damaged by fire, depending on the intensity of the heat.
  • Picket fencing. Picket fencing is one of the most attractive types of fencing and can really suit a home, especially if you have iron lacework on the veranda.  However, it could be classed as high maintenance because it needs regular painting to preserve the timber. That said, painting it gives you the option of choosing the colour to match your home and of changing the colour to match a new paint job.  The timber posts may be prone to termite attack, but can be treated to help prevent the problem.  Timber is also more likely to burn if you live in a bush-fire prone area.
  • Twin-sided fencing. This type of fencing is ideal for homes that are close to a busy road as they are really strong. The posts are as deep in the ground as they are high, cemented in for extra strength. Horizontal panels resemble a retaining wall at the bottom with a Colorbond type wall at the above that. They are durable, low maintenance and are great for sound reduction as well as keeping intruders out and pets in.


With the right kind of fence your life can become more pleasant and less stressful. While some fences may be easy for the handyman to erect, it is better to hire a professional because they know all about footings, termite control, how to ensure the fence is straight – and what requirements the council has. Besides, when you already work all week, why give yourself more work to accomplish over the only two days you have for leisure?

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